Super Galactic Cosplay Party 2016

The number one cosmic party of the year will be held at Gloria, on Saturday the 3rd of December! An amazing atmosphere is guaranteed with the evening starting with a two-hour set of requested songs, and a class S DJ keeping the party through the roof for the rest of the night. A few easy historical dances will be thrown in too, including the all time crowd favorite Pornopolka!

The space-themed cosplay party offers you a chance to wear your best party costume, or make use of that casual closet outfit that’s been lying hidden in the deepest pit of your wardrobe. The stage will be taken by awesome performers, and as the main event of the evening a galactic cosplay duo will be chosen. Parts of the evening’s program will be revealed every Thursday, so stay tuned!

The doors open at 6pm, and the party won’t stop until midnight. More info on ticketing will follow later.

Come wrap up the 2016 con season and have a good time with us!

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